It’s Episode 2 of Website Wednesday where I give one of my subscribers a FREE website critique!

If you haven’t already noticed by my site, I specialize in ProPhoto customization for photographers.  If you’re not sure what ProPhoto is it’s a website platform for photographers.

Due to the nature of my business I have done TONS of research, seen TONS of websites and know what works and what doesn’t.  I love using all of this information to help other photographers improve their websites and make more appealing and user friendly for their clients.

Our websites are often our client’s first impression of us.  We don’t want to screw that up!

A better, more user friendly, website will convert to clients staying on your website longer, leaving inquiries and in turn more sessions!  This is what I want for you!  Have I mentioned I’m your biggest cheerleader!

Today we’re taking a look at BJ Photography (be sure to go like his page!).  Thank you BJ for letting us look at your site for this week’s WEBSITE WEDNESDAY!

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If you’re watching this and would love some insight on your own website you can sign up for a website critique below the video! 

With each website critique I want to make sure you’re leaving with some actionable changes you can make right away to improve your website.  Here are my top 5 for BJ!

  1. Take out the music (I may have mentioned that once or twice!)
  2. Content, Content, Content- provide your clients with some information, that’s why they’re coming to your website don’t let them leave frustrated that you’re not giving it to them.
  3. Create portfolio galleries- Separate your portfolio so people can choose what type of session they want to view.
  4. Blog!  This should be number 1…a blog is so important so get to it!
  5. Fix broken links- Take off any links or menu items that lead to nowhere.  It’s so frustrating as a client to click on something and expect to find info that’s not there.

I hope you all found these tips helpful! If you’re looking for ProPhoto customization information head over up to the “work with me” tab and check out the details on my ProPhoto design!

If you think you’d like a free website critique be sure to sign up below!

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